Planning as we all know is a key pillar in any succesful venture.

Certainly in the world of managing assets and investments is this a critcal component.

A LTMP is an ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN (AM Plan) Long-term plans (usually 10-20 years or more for infrastructure assets) that outline the asset activities and programmes for each service area and resources applied to provide a defined level of service in the most cost effective way.

In lamens terms this means

  • Knowing the composition of your property
  • Knowing the requirements for each structural item, to maximize its life expectancy, and minimize breakages and degradation.
  • Knowing you legal requirements relevant to each structural item
  • Knowing the most cost effective way to meet these requirements

With this knowledge can you formulate an effective LTMP

PMD, as a marketing leading LTMP service provider will assist you through this blog with the knowledge and insight to understand, implement and manage a LTMP.

By following us will you have access to continious updateson important information and news about a LTMP for a property, sectional title scheme, HOA or commercial business park.