• Clustering is combining activities of similar type or competency together to actualize scale benefits associated with marginal cost and interruption.
  • Considering certain factors  such as complexity, timing, scale,etc  can a hard(direct) or soft(associated) clustering method be employed.
    • Hard clustering is usually associated higher complexity & competency levels at activity level and on item level on renewal & restoration.
    • Soft clustering is commonly used with routine maintenance with low complexity
  • Clustering can be vertical or horizontal where vertical being associated with item class and horizontal with activity class.

Eg Hard / vertical clustering is having  walls renewed including structural cracks repaired and walls repainted using an experienced painting contractor.

Or Soft clustering is using the same contractor to do several spot repairs  rather than a well-intentioned painter on the corner for each spot repair. 

Having the same contractor also attend to general maintenance on doors & windows,  is horizontal clustering

Activity Clustering

LTMP - Long term maintenance planning by PMD Pty ltd

This article details one of the most effective methods to drive down maintenance costs. When you cut through all the complexities of a Long-term maintenance plan(LTMP), it all centres around money. Achieving the Most at the Least cost.

A standard LTMP will tell you what to do, when and how much it will cost over a specified term 10 to 20 years. Maintenance & renewal activities with various structural items often overlap i.t.o the type and nature of the work to be completed. By clustering associated activities together can we benefit from scale economies.

For example inspecting a servicing a door and servicing the door lock/hinges. Sounds logical..yes , but how many of us do it…. Other examples: Gate motor & wheel set, gutters & faceas, waterproofing & roof nails…


  1. The per unit cost reduce
  2. Management time benefits due to reduced activity  volume
  3. Interruptions for occupants…

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