Common mistake : Complying with annual fire equipment inspection regulation is not  compliance certification.

We find that often body corporates are of the opinion that compliance means to diligently have their fire equipment inspected annually. Its is only one component of compliance.

In our property assessments done for long-term maintenance planning (LTMP) are we often finding that body corporates do not comply with the Fire regulations.

Here are some important facts.

  1. Your fire equipment inspection contractor only inspect the compliance of the specific item (bottle/reel/Hydrant), They do not validate that the property is fire compliant.
  2. Common non-compliance:
    • Insufficient number of fire equipment as per regulation SANS 10400
    • insufficient handrails at exit stairs. The regulation states that a staircase wider than 1.1m that function as an escape route needs to be fitted with handrails on both sides
    • Doors on exit route open inward, instead of to the path of the exit

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Extracts from 10400

TT 19.6 Subject to the requirements of subrule TT19.6, any access door or any other
door, being a component of an emergency route shall be a hinged door which
shall open in the direction of egress from the building

MM3 (c) (i) Subject to paragraph (b)(i), any flight which is less than 1,1 m wide
shall have a handrail on at least one side and where the width of any
flight is more than 1,1 m, handrails shall be provided on both sides
of such flight