If you do not have a compliant LTMP (Long-term maintenance plan) in place already you may have a auditing problem !

The Stsm Act 2011 effectively came into effect in October 2011. Thus to be applied to audit for 2017 financial statements.

The regulation 25 state that with 4 months after the financial year-end , must the audit be completed.


The new regulation 24 applicable from 10/2016 states that :

  1.  Maintenance, repair and replacement expenses must be funded from the operational budget as derived from an approved (LTMP)long-term maintenance plan. regulation 22
  2. Reserve funds may only be used for maintenance, repair and replacement in accordance  to the approved LTMP, with a provision for emergency repairs, in case of safety or  where the it could not have reasonably be foreseen in the LTMP


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